ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has been given praise from SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) Accreditation for its self-assessment report on awarding body business procedures and continuous improvement.

SQA Accreditation measures evidence provided by ACCA, as a qualification awarding body, against 15 regulatory principles. ACCA’s report covered many aspects of ACCA’s work including effective governance arrangements, business management policies, and robust exams processes.

SQA Accreditation stated: ‘We are extremely encouraged that ACCA has processes in place for continual improvement. It is evident from the number of new initiatives across the organisation that the awarding body is committed to reviewing its business practices and introducing improvement where review has identified that change is required. The return is of exemplary standard.’

Alan Hatfield, ACCA executive director – strategy and development, said: ‘Our portfolio of education recognition around the globe is unique and is one of the core ways we can continue to strengthen trust and pride in our qualification.

‘I’m delighted that SQA Accreditation has recognised the work we do to make sure the service we give to our members and students is continuously improving. ACCA is a major employer – among the top 1% in Scotland and that means this recognition from SQA Accreditation is important not just to ACCA but to the Scottish economy as a whole.’

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